April 26, 2019

Advertising on Various Communities

Chris Elliott @zpChris

Hey everybody 👋

I'm brainstorming/validating new projects, and I was wondering if there is a service that connects communities/pages with sponsors? I'm talking about a few different potential markets:

  • Websites like Indie Hackers or Failory: To my knowledge, you can find broader ads to place on your site, but it's tougher for specific agreements for smaller companies looking to advertise. Maybe @richclominson could comment on this.
  • Communities on Spectrum/other: I'm not sure what other examples there are (advertising is not allowed on Slack, https://api.slack.com/developer-policy), but I think this would be a great way for communities leaders to generate some revenue while still keeping the content engaging. This would just have to be integrated well as to not degrade the community experience.
  • Pages (Fb/Instagram/etc): I know they match advertisers with sponsors on Instagram, does this happen for Facebook? What services are out there?

I'd love any feedback/insight on this idea!

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    Hey @zpChris! Thanks for mentioning me, great questions.

    There are some websites connecting sponsors with websites/communities like Failory. I currently used ThoughtLeaders which finds companies looking to advertise newsletter and connects them with me (they keep a commission). Another example is Paved, but I've had really little success with it and CommSponsor, from @TeaGuns.

    Hope it helps you!

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    Something similar that came to mind is:

    This seems like a very manual match making type service, not sure how hard it is to scale something like that for communities in general.

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