Looking to Partner Up February 19, 2020

Affilate website for casino platform..web developer + business partner


If you are intersted to work with an entrepreneur who lives in London with amazing network and you are creative and know how affiliate works + web developing i would love if you can get in touch with me.

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    Good day, could you please describe your proposal more, I don’t know much in this area, but I would like to try, I myself have experience only as a user of such casinos, I have been using this platform https://casinoofthekings.com/playtech-casinos/ lately and practically learned it along and across, because maybe my contribution will seem useful to you.

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    I am not used to this kind of partnership and I see the casino as a way to have fun and possibly win money, nothing more. By the way, if you are interested in high-quality gambling sites , then it will be useful for you to visit the site https://slottyvegas.online/ to read a true expert review about one of the most popular online casinos.

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    Hello Nicholas, how we can connect more directly? here my email: [email protected]

    Why I can help you?
    I was working in company which was developing gambling games, in position front end developer, have experience of developing gambling platform and have partners who are developing games(using HTML, ALSO canvas)

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    Hi Nicholas, I am having 20+ yrs tech background in e-Commerce, Affiliate Marketing, ect. domains.

    I would love to explore your idea. Connect me on my email (in my profile) to discuss more.

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      Hi iShailesh,
      That’s great.
      I can’t find your email.please send it here.

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    Hi Nicholas. I'm a self-taught developer. I have set up a site like that, there is four months work in it, with another person's contribution. This is a first time project of us in this field. Now more or less I see the difficulties from inside. Have you got experience in this type of business? In what ways we could cooperate? How the tasks, responsibilities, costs, revenues, etc. would be shared?

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      Hi Zed001,

      Nice to hear from you.
      I would like to know more about what you have created and what you thinking we can do together.
      Write me your email to contact you privately.


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    Hello Nicholas, I’d like to talk to you too. I’ve been an affiliate for long time and I’m open to new ideas. My email is on my profile

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