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Hey guys,

After launching 8 months ago and growing to $350k+ ARR we're now looking to recruit affiliates to tap into new growth channels.

What are the best tips you are willing to share when it comes to finding the right affiliates?

Some background: we're Wiza.co - a Chrome extension that lets LinkedIn Sales Navigator users extract emails at scale for cold outreach.

We mainly work with sales teams and growth hackers/agencies.

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    I was an affiliate for a number of years and I was a member of multiple affiliate marketing platforms. I used whichever network the websites were using. Commission Junction was the one I liked the best. Their searching for programs, analytics, API, etc stood out as an affiliate. So commission junction is the first place I'd launch an affiliate program. I assume they have the largest number of affiliates because I'm not the only one that prefers that network. I also assume the tools are great for the publishers as well.

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      Will check 'em out, thanks so much for your time and input! :)

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    Check out @arvidkahl's podcast on referral/affiliate systems!

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      Thanks for the shoutout. Here is the podcast and the article.

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        @arvidkahl you should add Rewardful (getRewardful.com) to the Setting up a Referral System technical choices section. It's the most affordable solution for bootstrapped founders.

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      I love a good podcast, thanks for the tip!

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    First of all, I have no experience in this. It does seem though what matters is you find people who are interested in what you are doing and have people who follow their work. An example would be someone who has a startups channel on YouTube. You could probably contact them and have an offer in their inbox. If you give them a good cut I am sure they will be interested.

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      Appreciate the input!

      And yes, that's something we've been exploring. Good to know we're on the right track :)

      If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in here or a DM.

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    I am preparing a listing for SaaS affiliate programs: https://afftable.com/ . Let me know if you're interested

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