Developers September 28, 2020

After a year of development, I am finally releasing my game.

Jindrich Zak @jindrich_zak

To improve my coding skills, a year ago I started to develop my own game. Since then, I have learned a couple of new programming concepts and improved my skills.

Since my budget is very low, I must focus on the game quality and improving the presence of the game on Google Play. To achieve this, I need to gain downloads and good ratings in the first days after the release. I would be really grateful if you tried the game and maybe even wrote some short review on Google Play. It would really help me a lot.
I greatly appreciate your help!

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    Really like the idea. Has a bit of sudoku flavour but more streamlined.

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    Congratulations. Will try & review your game asap.

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      Thank you. Appreciate your help!

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    Awesome game! Great work.

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    I like this kind of games. Very well done!

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      Yeah, me too! But in my opinion, there are too few of them. That's where I came up with the idea to create a logic puzzle game, basically.

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    Very cool game! Love the video :D

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      Thanks, I appreciate it!

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    Congrats! Cool game.

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    Hey @jindrich_zak nice game. I am doing developers interview. Will you be able to give 10 minutes of your time?
    Please refer to this post

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      Hi, thank you! Could you please describe your 'developer tool' in a little bit more detailed way? I'm not sure if I'm the right person you find and honestly, I don't even know what to expect from the post.

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        @jindrich_zak Kudos on the development of the game! It's too bad that I don't have an access to an android device right now, but do you have any iOS version of the same? I would love to help you out with a review. Do let me know. Cheers!

        @raxrb Yes, can you describe your developers tool here? I am currently building my product, I would love to understand your tool and see if I might be a right person too.

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          @harshvijay I was checking your product it's amazing man. I like the presentation. Which tools did you use to create the landing page and video?

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            Thanks for the appreciation @raxrb! We used sketch and after effects to create the landing page and the video.

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          @jindrich_zak, @harshvijay My product improves the productivity of developers by greatly improving the local build time, install time, compile-time. It provides a shareable link to which you can share easily with other developers to see how your changes look in the final website/app.

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    So Nice buddy i really Like the game :) Keep it up with more Good game :)

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    Hey, I recently launch my mobile game too, any tips on the marketing to go without publisher?

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      I made a post here about tiktok yesterday. I think you should try documenting some of your game development there. I have gained 10 downloads in 5 days from 4 videos, vs 150 downloads over 2 years using strictly ASO.

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      I have personally good experience with Reddit. There is a lot of very specialized subreddits, so if your game has some specific audience, I would definitely try to find some good subreddits. You can also connect with some local websites focusing on mobile games and tell them your story. That's what I personally think is very interesting - the story behind the game. I'm sure you have things to tell - who you are, why did you create a game, why did you create it exactly the way you did, etc. Good luck!

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    Looks fantastic! ++ for the Intro video.

    Did you use Unity to make the game?

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      Thank you (although I don't think the video is perfect :-) )! Yes, the game is made using Unity.

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    Great game. Love the UI.

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      Thank you! I wanted to make it as simple as possible to fit the minimalistic style.

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    Awesome! Nice work.

    Don't forget to join the games group on IH!

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    Congratulations, it's one of my dreams to make a game some day. It looks really fun, let me know when the iOS version comes out!

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      Thank you! I definitely will.

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    Congrats on releasing your game! I don't have an Android device unfortunately.

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      Thank you! If it goes well, I might start working on the iOS version soon.

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    Hi Jindrich! The game looks nice. I'm an iPhone user. Any plan for iOS?

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      Hi! If the Android version succeeds, I will definitely release iOS version. I will definitely let you know here - on IndieHackers or you can follow the game on Instagram or Facebook. See :-)

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