After months of hard work, we're now LIVE on Product Hunt!

Hey Indie Hackers,

Finding like-minded people can be difficult on the internet. So is getting exposed to various topics without any overwhelm.

We thought there could be an effective way, a better place where people could hang out in communities with a shared purpose. So we built Wylo.

On Wylo, everything from communities to people and content is organized in terms of interests. Based on users' interests, the whole platform will be personalized from news feed to connection suggestions. This makes it easier for people to get exposed to various topics and connect with relevant people without any overwhelm.

Unlike other social networks, Wylo is organized, focussed, contained, moderated, community-driven, gives control to you of what you see on the platform, helps build like-minded connections without much hassle, and is built for interest-based networking.

We’re just starting out. There’s still so much to do and we’re working towards it. :)

As we said, we’re now LIVE on PH. So Indie Hackers, if you could take a few minutes, check out our launch post, and share your feedback, it will be a great help! Thank you!!


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    Upvoted ✅ Looks nice.

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    Upvoted! Just curious , how are you able to get 10K downloads?

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      Basically through these channels: Social media and content marketing, ASO, Email campaigns, PR, and target ads.

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    If you want to get featured follow us on Twitter. Nocodejournal/Saasjournal. We are an online digital magazine.

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