March 21, 2019

Aggregated Remote Jobs board?

Henrik Harju @henrikharju


Working on an aggregated remote jobs board:

Do you think this could solve a real problem for remote job seekers

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    I don't like the free illustrations, I see them everywhere. But how do you actually find remote jobs? I guess you're using an API, well let me tell you something user acquisition gonna be really hard for you because of platforms like upwork/fiverr/etc.. You have the chicken and egg problem, congrats!

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      Hmm the illustrations are nice I think (granted, they are not unique).

      I'm using the APIs and RSS feeds other remote boards have and filtering them. Next up I'm gonna be crawling other sites that don't have APIs or RSS feeds to fetch more jobs.

      Aim is to have the "freshest" jobs, meaning always have all the latest jobs from all over the web so applicants don't miss out on opportunities and that it doesn't take so long to check out new ones.

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