SEO September 9, 2020

ahrefs SEO courses are free at the moment! Never knew about this 😭

Johith Iype @johith

Never knew about this! Why haven't I known this before!

ahrefs is a popular SEO tool in the market and now anyone could access their courses for FREE . (Registering an account requires you subscribe to a plan though)


Thought of sharing this here as someone trying to level up their content and blog game can find this super helpful.

No, I haven't tried the course yet, but from what I heard - it's worth it

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    Great. Thanks for the link.

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    Blogging for Business is particularly good.

  3. 1

    yes, it's worth it. Only great content there !

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    It's just on youtube right?

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    You may had discovered it a week ago, if you were subscribed to newsletter

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      nice marketing. :D.

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        never let an opportunity go waste 😁

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