Airbnb picker - what technology to use

Hey Indie Makers!

I got an idea for an Airbnb picker - software that would pick the best choice from 2 or 3 different airbnbs based on preferences.

To do what it's supposed, it should be able to go through content of Airbnb pages, store it, and do basic computation. Plus, do it in regards to previously inserted preferences (e.g. number of beds, price, etc.).

Could you please advice what would it take to build such a tool in terms of technology and expertise?

Thanks a lot!

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    Relating to Airbnb, it’d be useful to see the average prices of them in a particular area over time. That way I can figure out estimates for expenses while traveling over the next year.

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      Het @caitlinjohnson, that would be pretty neat.
      Maybe, taking a step further, a tool that would allow people to check every time-related expenses: hotels, flight tickets, car rental prices, sightseeing?

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        This would be handy for us "digital nomads". There are a lot of overlanders as well that could benefit from this.

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          Will look into it!

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    Ehh I dunno how useful this would be. If you put filters on Airbnb's site, then Airbnb already sorts by ranking. Just my 2 cents.

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      Airbnb sorts in regards to features such as no. of beds, price, etc. But what if you find two, similar airbnbs and can't decide? Then, I guess, going a little bit deeper into the grading system might be helpful.

      I recently ended up in a similar situation and thought that might be useful to someone else.

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        It could be a problem for sure but in my experience, it comes down to location, price, and photos. My app planmoretrips.com also works with Airbnb. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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          Hey, that's a really cool project!

          And yes, mostly it comes down to these two factors. But it's the first time I run into similarly good options where the location is the same (in regards to preferences), price is the same, and the photos are equally good 😭

          Anyways, thanks a lot for the feedback!

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