All in one product management suite in Notion

Building winning products requires a winning system

I advise a few startups on product management and I see founders struggle with one common issue: they do not have an end-to-end system to deliver successful products. In fact, they wait way too long to implement the right effective system to develop and iterate on their product. Some see early success when launching a first version or prototype of the product but then struggle to execute as they do not have the proper mechanism in place to execute.

On the other hand, the successful startups I work with (and worked for) developed an effective methodology that enables them to ship successful products on a continuous basis from the get go. They identify critical pain points for their user base, develop effective solutions and execute with a high cadence. Most importantly, their product development system enables them to scale but also scales with them.

We took the time to codify such a system and packed it into a simple Notion template suite that lets every startup execute effectively on their product vision without spending a huge amount of resources on tools and personnel.

A simple & collaborative end-to-end product development suite in Notion

Product Collective's goal is to give every startup operator the superpower to effectively execute on their product vision through a simple but highly effective product management system.

Our Product Kit bridges the gap between theory and action by providing a system with methods and guides as well as templates in free to use tools (Notion, Figma, Miro etc) that let you immediately go to work.

It is inspired by the startups I work with and a synthesis of my work experience for leading tech companies as well as expert knowledge from industry leaders.

So how does it look and work?

  • Product Kit consists of an end-to-end product development process with +50 methods that guide you from user research to launch.

  • Each method comes with a written or video guide as well as a with an editable template.

  • We made sure to use leading tools that are highly collaborative and integrate with Notion. This makes our Notion template suite the ideal tool to manage the development of your products.

  • We included a lot of additional resources and expert advice to help you scale product management at your company

Product Kit for Startups

I am launching the product on the 1st of September. It will cost $199 but you can pre-order the template suite here (check out the product demo video) for $99.

Happy building!

  1. 1

    This is really neat! Who would you say this is for? Growing companies looking for better processes, or also fitting solopreneurs? Anyway, looks like a lot of work - thanks for putting it all together.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback! This kit is useful for both, solopreneurs and early startups/ growing companies that develop didgital products. If you are working on a larger project that needs to be scoped in detail and involves a bigger and longer development cycle, this kit is for you!

  2. 1

    Looks pretty cool! I founded an education platform for law students in Germany a while ago and we are really struggling with these topics. Is there a way to work with this kit collaboratively with my team?

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yes, you can definitely share this tool kit with your team and collaborate on it. Once you purchase it we will send you a link to the kit in Notion. Copy the file and start using it as a workspace with your team. Each of the tools we use in the kit (e.g. Miro or Figma) also allow you to collaborate with your team.

      Hope this helps!

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