All you need to know about SaaS marketing - 41+ strategies and case-studies

Hey guys! Just launched our first blog post - a mega-guide of 13k-ish words, covering all the popular strategies you can use to market your SaaS:


The thing covers strategies for every standard channel (Content marketing, SEO, PPC, etc.), and include case studies for some of the top SaaS companies (Hired.com, Mint, HubSpot, etc.).

Thought you guys would enjoy it. Lemme know if you like the post / have some feedback!

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    I personally found this reading to be well-composed, easy-to-read, yet enthralling. I liked the way you have utilized each standard channel, thus, staying ahead of the curve and considering each prospective target market. I enjoyed going through the steps with my morning coffee. It's definitely bookmarked now and I'll give a look at it each time a client of mine requires a task. A quick question: Did you

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      Thank you!
      Can't read the question though :(

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    This is amazing! Thanks so much for providing this massive value!

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      You're welcome. Glad you found it useful!

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      Glad to hear, lemme know what you think once you give it a read!

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    Nice work! Love the filter you've added to only show the articles relevant for me.

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      Thanks! The content filter is "Smart Content Filter," if anyone's curious: https://pixify.net/products/smart-content-filter/

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    Looks great I will have a proper read later

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      Thanks! Lemme know what you think :)

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        Its is an excellent read and there is lots I am going to implement.

        I have added a link to the article from my site so hopefully more people will get value from it.


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    Just what I was looking for! About to launch my SaaS DongoCRM so going to read this right now. Thank you!

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      Glad you liked it :)

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      Are you launching on Product Hunt?

      1. 1

        Yes! will be launching on Product Hunt as well :)

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    Amazing guide!

    Thanks dude! Bookmarked for later. Will read with a nice cup of coffee.

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      Thanks man, much appreciated!

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    Good stuff. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Bookmarked for later.

    I really liked the fact that each strategy provides a real-life study case from well-known SaaS companies.

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      Thanks! Hope you enjoy :)

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