Alternative ways to do marketing

Hi there,

We're more or less all doing the same things to market our SaaSs

We spin up clear landing pages with quick yet detailed sentences about what our product does, in the most precise and simple way possible.
We add beautiful screenshots, do content writing and get a 10% signup / 10% to paid customer conversion rate.

This seems impersonal, robotic. Like if we just wanted to fit in without taking risks with our marketing. This method works; it brings to us what seems like the maximum we can achieve.
But, isn't it a local maximum? Could we achieve orders of magnitude better results by taking risks and doing things, differently?

Yesterday, I came across this talk by Steve Jobs, where he says that "Marketing is about values" (https://youtu.be/YM4If6YHN3s) and details Apple's approach of marketing.

I'm starting to develop a new landing page that focuses more on the values of our company and less on our product. Has anyone here already done something like this at the SaaS scale with good — or bad — results?

Let me know your thoughts on that!

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    @Alextousss - can you share a link to your site so I can check it out? I've done some creative things in the past, so might be able to give you some ideas.

    Re. Steve Jobs, it's hard for anyone to really emanate him - he would host press conferences and grab everyone's attention. For the majority of us, we wouldn't be able to pull off a lot of his marketing tactics.

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      Forgot to add a link! My current landing is at https://kaktana.com, I'll share in our product page when we'll publish an updated version. Would love to hear your suggestions :-)

      Steve Jobs was very good at it. It might be hard, but we could steal some of its spirit in our marketing

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        Just checked it out - with your product I think you could modify your hero text to something more along the lines of a mission/value statement.

        For example, something like this “Kaktana is on a mission to make crypto trading fun, and profitable for everyone.”

        I’d also recommend adding some social proof:

        • PR logos
        • Influencer testimonials

        I dig what you’re doing, and if I wasn’t working on my own project, would have loved to have teamed up with you on this.

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          You're right about social proof. It's in my todo-list.

          I'm currently revisiting our hero test; I'll post an update when done.

          Thank you for your support though, it's a hard sector with tough competition, but the near unlimited open access to markets makes it worth it so much.

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    Yeah, you're right but most in landing page how it's looks for your audiences to grabbing something like email and contact detail... I'm just using aweber for landing pages templates... You can't believe how it's and working amazing...

    Buzz CNN

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      But we could do so much better!
      Our landing pages should play with emotions, make people EXCITED to use our product.
      Not just "hey it solves my problem"

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