AlwaysNow — my tool for making things happen #feedback

Hi yall!

i want to share my maker workflow and how I've decided to steal from Notion (loving it) to build my own tiny version to be productive. In exchange I really hope to get feedback from you, people!

After years of using productivity tools this is a conclusion I came up with: the problem with all productivity tools I am using is... me. :)

I've stopped chasing and trying different things. And for the last year all I'm using is a single page with text for every day tasks.


It is extremely basic yet works for me better than everything else. Everyday I erase all my tasks and start from scratch. And I really like nesting tasks so I can split work into manageable chunks.

Yeap, THAT basic.

No over-planning, no overwhelming. This is how it looks like.

As a programmer I've extracted this idea into a separate tool of mine. It supports checkboxes and deep nesting (features I like in Notion).

Main idea is to focus me on CURRENT moment. And it's always now. :)


I'm thinking about perfecting this simple tool and asking if it become something serious people could use. Would you?

I would love to get your feedback. What do you think? Do anybody see value in SUCH a simple tool? Is value clear enough? Any ideas are appreciated!

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    I know this is an MVP and I might be a bit harsh but..

    • I don't see any way of coming back to the landing page once I clicked on the try for free button.
    • Your value prop is that you will focus on the current moment, but you still can add items to future days.. isn't this contradicting?
    • Honestly I don't see any difference to all of the other todo lists out there.

    Hope you can get some insight from here and improve. Good luck.

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      Very much thank you for your feedback!

      isn't this contradicting?
      Speaking formally — I do believe so.

      Honestly I don't see any difference
      Do you mean that there is no difference or it is just not obvious at all?

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        Do you mean that there is no difference or it is just not obvious at all?

        Not OP, but does it matter? If you think there's a difference then your messaging might not be strong. I personally think the difference is in UX of creating a list for the day. Most tools make it more difficult than necessary. Your tool gets out of the way.

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    I don't know if you've tested this on mobile but it doesn't work very well on Chrome/Android.

    • Not sure if/how you can manipulate the list but the handle send to do nothing.

    • Pressing the delete button when the list item is empty doesn't remove the item, instead exciting edit mode (keyboard disappears). This makes for a frustrating experience because then another item is added of you were repeatedly pressing delete.

    Just in general, what makes this different from using Google keep to track a to do list?

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      Android is a nasty thing when it comes to rich text editing :(

      I will take a look at those bugs. Thank you!

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        Just in general, what makes this different from using Google keep to track a to do list?

        Are you using Google Keep now?

        I believe the constrain of AlwaysNow are the difference. Every day you open an app and there is an empty list in front of you.

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    Kind of a specialised version of https://workflowy.com/ ?

    1. 1

      Yeap. Very narrow and focused one.

      I am using Notion and I've started to practice this kind of attitude to everyday planning there first.

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    Love ⚡👍👍

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      Hurrey! Thank you :)

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    I would be interested in trying it out, for sure. The "Try for free" button currently doesn't work.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks for catching! Should work now.

      Tell me how is it going.

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        Thanks, I was able to access it. Just started to play around with it. Hitting backspace when there are no characters on a line causes the whole thing to break and I get a white screen.

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          On what kind of device this happened to you?

          1. 1

            Latest Safari on latest macos.

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