Ideas and Validation February 15, 2020

An app that offers secure and encrypted personal cloud storage

Nico Botha @nicolaas

When selecting a cloud provider to store your personal files (music, photos, videos etc.) does privacy and security influence your choice?

Most people probably go with Google Drive or iCloud because it's free and convenient. But in most instances privacy is compromised for this convenience.

Would you be willing to pay a small monthly amount for encrypted personal cloud storage knowing your data won't be scraped and sold to the highest bidder?

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    MEGA ( offers privacy.

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      Thanks, it looks awesome! Have you used the service? Would you recommend it?

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        Yes. I recommend the Mega instead of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, because the privacy is a must-have feature to me.

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          Cool, I will definitely give them a try! Thanks for the feedback.

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    There's definitely a business case for privacy/security oriented solutions but it's more likely going to be a b2b product.
    I've worked with companies that handle sensitive information and they usually store emails /data in-house because they don't trust 3rd party solutions.

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      Regarding GDPR and all the rules for storing personal information I can understand that most businesses want to build their own stuff to ensure they're 100% compliant. But it is definitely an avenue worth exploring though.

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        It's less about GDPR and more about data security. Say you store (multibillion) business deal information or you have files with proprietary info then you want to make sure no random google employee has access to your files/emails.
        There are some big players that handle such data like Box but there's still room to grow imo.

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    Tresorit ( ) is a good choice if you are concerned about privacy.

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      Great, thanks! Will definitely check it out.