Ideas and Validation February 19, 2021

An application that allows you to sell stuff on Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account.


Hey guys,

Lately I've been selling music equipment and stamps on Facebook Marketplace using a family member's account (since I'm not on Facebook). This got me thinking it would be nice to contract someone else to post the listing and deal with the customers for me in exchange for a percentage of the sale.

My idea is to charge customers a reasonable monthly fee and pay the contractors a percentage of the sales they've made. That way customers have access to a large team of people with Facebook accounts to sell your items for you on Facebook Marketplace.

Kind of a stream of consciousness post trying to work out some ideas, thanks for reading and I'd appreciate some feedback.

If you don't have a Facebook would you create one just to use Marketplace?
  1. YES
  2. NO
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    This is a good idea, but not for normal users, and not for those that aren't looking to create an FB account. But instead it's ideal for sellers of products that can be shipped.

    What you're essentially describing is an affiliate/drop shipping network where none of the sellers have to risk any funds with inventory.

    This is also a marketing channel in and of itself ju t based on the growth of the network of sellers/posters.

    The previous comments do bring up pain points that should be addressed, though they all are mainly based on the original concept without the focus of the demographic, better use cases.

    Give it a shot be patient, and don't charge anyone to use your network until it grows, only payment and transection fees.

    Additionally it would make sense to make this into it's own marketplace and marketplace connector.

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    The trust layer given by peoples accounts is hard to ovrcome

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    • Liability - what if someone is selling stolen merchandise, or not deliver the product, etc? Who would be responsible?
    • Brand - if someone sells something, it's very common to push their own brand and company "vibe", to be recognizable, positioned in minds as leader or trustful in that or that niche. Random accounts pushing their brand is not really influencing confidence, most likely would look like counterfeit or reseller.
      Also, I would imagine that those FB seller accounts would accept anything to sell, it's hard to gain confidence on page where adult sex toys, custom made furniture and children's books are listed randomly (just examples).
    • Convenience - as said in previous comments, too much if's and hops through something that can be done faster, free, with less friction.
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    I would definitely rather just open up an account. It's not hard to do, and it's not like I need to add anyone on it to sell.

    When thinking about ideas you are looking for a gap in value. Usually that means your solution is at least 3x better, 2xfaster, or 1/2 cheaper than the other options. Or The niche that you are targeting is being underserved.

    It is 100% more work to sign up for your site and put my credit card info in, than to simply fill out Facebook's 8 or 9 question form. So there isn't much of a value prop there.

    I think a good system is to think "do I offer at least 3 times the value by having 3 unique features or is there a subset of a market that is growing with the market that isn't currently served.

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    Sounds extreme and silly
    IDK if people are that exposed to creating an account but are ok with posting there indirectly..

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