An easy way to grow your mailing list for existing products

Hey fellow IHs, if you don't have a checkbox in your signup flow along the lines of: "I want to receive occasional product updates via email", then you're missing out.

I've only recently added one, and am seeing a 35% opt-in rate (the box is not checked by default).

Regular product update emails are a great way to stay in contact with existing customers.

That's all!


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    Hi Felix,

    For our software, we prefer the following method:

    1. Provide referral benefits: If someone is referring to their contact then we provide extra credits to their registered account.

    2. Publish an extremely targeted keyword article, where a user or a reader would find their answer to the question which they are seeking for.

    3. Use a tool like AeroLeads.com to build your own list, and create a list 10 times faster by targeting your ideal customer.

    4. Create a community around your product.

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    Thanks for this. I wondered about adding a tick box like yours to my service too...

    Felix, do you happen to know if in your case the user consciously selects to receive product updates? Do you have higher unsubscribe rates than before implementing this?

    I wonder if they just quickly select it thinking that it is mandatory for sign up. In which case they could perceive product updates as unwanted spam.

    Would value your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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      That's a very good question. It's hard to know but since most of my users are fairly internet savvy I'd say the false-positives are fairly low. My product (a website builder) might also be something that users generally want to hear more updates about.

      On the last email I sent, the unsubscribe rate was 2.5%. I don't know if that's good or bad.

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        Thanks Felix, that makes sense.

        I think a 2.5% unsubscribe rate is very good. I would be happy with it :)

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    Thanks for the insight!

    You may also add a submission form on your landing page so visitors can subscribe to stay updated of upcoming features releases.

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      Yes, that's another good one. What I like about the sign-up one is that it fits very nicely with the flow. You've entered your email and are interested in the product already, so might as well get updates?

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    Hey, Felix

    For reason to grow your mailing list... I'm using tops tactics for this job...

    1. Launch a viral competition
    2. Write epic posts
    3. Running a joint email campaign..
    4. Design Makes as easy as possible to enter an email address
    5. Minimize the clicks it takes to subscribe instantly...

    as above these top 5 tips are working for me hope you like these important modules.

    Buzz CNN

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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      hey @webapppro, pleasure to hear from you! I don't know about GDPR but Canada (where Landen is based) has some fairly strict anti-spam laws as well.

      It's been around 6 months indeed, but I did take on some client work in between for cash-flow. I am working on some blog posts now. Next month will be one year since the first launch so I'll write a summary post then.

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