Gamification January 20, 2021

An excellent book on Gamification I found


I have really been enjoying Actionable Gamification from Yu-kai Chou, one of the godfathers of gamification.

Even though it's a massive book, I'm finding actionable ideas in every chapter and I'm a big fan of his Octalaysis framework.

Any other books or resources out there you guys recommend to (ahem) level-up on gamification?

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    Thanks for recommendation

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    Yes! I've been sharing that book here for four years. It's by far the most comprehensive gamification framework I've seen.

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    Though I loved the actionable gamification. I think it's not really actionable, the framework provided to build gamified products is missing many things. You can't just take that framework and build something great. Also, the examples and game techniques described in the books are great but they are outdated. Sad to see Yu-kai Chou not coming up with any updated things.

    Most of the learning resources online on gamification is outdated. I've just started to write new content on gamification and sharing new resources as well.

    The website work is still on progress, should be finished in couple of days. But you can still checkout . I'll appreciate any kind of feedback.

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      Agreed that many of the techniques are outdated, but I've found that they spark ideas.

      I'll definitely check out the blog. One idea for content could be taking mechanics from popular games/promotions and translating them to use cases. Personally I love that process of look at something at a micro-level, taking it up to a 50,000 ft level and abstracting it, then bringing it back to a micro-level in another context.

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        They totally spark ideas. But I'm just amazed there isn't much talk going around on the subject. Hence I started the blog and even this community page on IH.

        And I'm doing exactly what you said:
        I play popular and rare games and extract game techniques to use it on non gaming products.

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    That book is a great start. I liked it so much that I bought the hardcopy too.
    Currently I'm reading "Reality is broken".

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