September 11, 2019

An idea for a service I'd absolutely use/pay for

Manuel @ManuelMaccou

I'm non-technical, but understand the value in learning what I can so I can have intelligent conversations with hired dev teams, create my own wireframes/demos, and manage small app changes after deployment. The problem I have is understanding documentation while trying to learn.

For example, I'm about to deploy my first app to the Google Play Store. A couple things I'm researching are the differences between closed and open test tracks, and creating different environments in Firebase. I think I understand about 33% of what I'm reading and I'd say I'm ahead of the curve as far as most other non-technical founders.

What I would LOVE is if there was a service that offered basic 1on1 consulting, walkthroughs, or something similar for specific actions like deploying to the Play Store, tasks in Firebase, or other program specific topics. I would 100% pay a "per consultation" fee for this. If anyone had this idea in mind...DO IT. And find me when you do!

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      Maybe! At first glance it looks pretty similar. Thanks for sharing

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    you could probably go to fiverr and get what you need for a reasonable price - ☝️and if you did a good, guided screen recording you might be able to resell it as a part of your own service. 😳 💥

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    Interesting idea. Let's imagine there is a site for this, and you clicked their pricing page. What pricing plans do you expect to see there?

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      I think I'd prefer credits that expired. Each credit could be applied to a 30 minute or hour long consult/learning session. As far as the price of each credit...I'm not sure...

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