An Idea For You In The Healthcare Space

Hi all,
Here's an idea for those of you who are looking to build something, but are not sure where to find an idea.

I've worked in the health insurance field for many years. I know the ins and outs of the business very well. For years, I was the go-to in my family regarding health insurance. Whether someone had problems with coverage, claim payment, denial of payment, customer service, doctors in the network, overcharges, even how to get more value out of their plan by accessing lesser-known services...whatever, I could help. I once saved my uncle $2500 in over charges because the doctor used the wrong billing code. I was the "friend in the business". So that brings me to this idea.

There are a lot of people like me, in health insurance, but they don't have a "community", and patients don't know where to find them. Sadly, many patients just go with the flow when their claim is denied, thinking they have no other option. So much of my knowledge is what I would call underground knowledge. What if you, as a startup, could somehow find a way to leverage this knowledge?

Bullet points of the idea:

  • a patient-focused site

  • offering super-underground knowledge in a given industry (in my case, healthcare, but this model could be used for any industry)

  • subscription based

  • marketed to patients, provides them with the best way to get the most out of their insurance dollar; super underground knowledge; could be framed as "your insurance carrier doesn't want you to know this" approach

  • content is crowdsourced from experts in the business, that's how it becomes a two-sided marketplace

  • Easy to build

  • Could see something using no-code solutions as a starter site


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    There's the problem of authority and jurisdiction: you could write whatever you want, but who's actually legitimating your knowledge? You say you have a pool of experts, but that must be verifiable and subject to the scrutiny and validation of an authority.

    Also, where I live health insurance has a very different weight compared, for ex., to how it works in the US, and they probably work differently and under a different umbrella of laws. Do you have a pool of expert in the legislation of every country? What are the boundaries of your experts? I believe it would be a pure North-American niche, whose general validity stop right at the borders (compare, for example, how "general knowledge" in an European country can be almost applied as is in another country on the continent)

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    Hey Pmox2018 - I think you're onto something great here. Instead of "offering super-underground knowledge in a given industry", why don't you sell it as a service where you talk to people and review their bills for problems / incorrect billing codes or other cost-saving opportunities. You might be able to charge a percentage of the savings in addition to the monthly fee (or waive the monthly fee altogether if the commission-based review is profitable enough) and make considerable money helping other people save money. Free money is always an easy sell! I'm an experienced developer (20+ years) and CTO (6+ years) and I'd be happy to build it out for you if you'd like to discuss going into business. My contact details are in my profile.

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    Love this idea! Could start as a Substack newsletter, with monthly insider tips and tricks for consumers, and be up-and-running in 10 minutes to validate :)

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    Tiktok has something like this happening organically when people share ‘secrets’ from their jobs like panera bread microwaving.

    Big issue is getting people to disclose insider information, especially if they aren’t getting paid all that much for it, and could lose their job.

    Another issue is how to verify the information is accurate. I could say I’m an industry insider even though I’m not and unless the platform is verifying everyone you’ll lose credibility.

    It’s a cool idea but not sure how to incentivize people to go on and post the insider information and to make sure it’s accurate information.

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