An overview of website investing newsletters!

It feels that the website investing space gets more interesting every day!
So I decided to compile a list of newsletters, which I found helpful:

Alternative Assets by Stefan Von Imhof

Website Investing by Richard Patey

Website Flipping Newsletter by Mushfiq Sarker

SEM by Sean Markey (focussed on domains)

Did I miss any?

P.S.: Sharing is caring

  1. 2

    @searchbound just started a great one listing exciting domains!


    1. 2

      Thanks for the shout out, Alex!

    2. 1

      Super thanks a lot Alex!

      1. 1

        Happy to be of help. If you have any interesting resources in the space, let me know as well!

  2. 1

    I'd add BizBuyGrow by Jayger McGough to this list. I'm not sure if he's on IH. It's a great read. https://bizbuygrow.substack.com/

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