March 23, 2019

Anonymous Survey About Previous Employer

Vez Onn @vez1132

Would anybody here be interested in filling out a simple 10 question survey about their previous employer? My goal is to build the largest database of anonymous reviews so that potential job seekers can get a real understanding of what life was like there. I also want to give scores similar to an NPR score. Your names and any identifiable information would be removed and all that will remain is your answers.

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    Just wondering, how is this different than glassdoor?

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      Great question. Glassdoor can be misleading as I've worked for employers who incentivized their employees to write good reviews for them. One that I worked for was terrible and extremely toxic but if you look at the Glassdoor reviews they're getting 4 stars. I'm pretty sure everyone joked about that rating outside of the office.
      I'm trying bring honesty by taking the surveys offline, no incentives or influencing and not publishing the participants identity. Hopefully people will be more honest that way.

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      Hey @uttej Here's a link to they survey ( I'm doing some testing right now so you can consider this my alpha stage. Hopefully you will find as easy as I find it. Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues also. I'd love to get as much feedback as I possibly can. Thank you.

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          I saw that. Thank you. If you know anybody in your network that's willing to spare 30 seconds, please send them the link.

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      Thank you thank you. I have the survey built but I haven't published it on a page yet. Once I get that up I'll make sure to send it to you.

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