Ideas and Validation March 19, 2020

ANOTHER personal finance app?! Thoughts?

Perry Raskin @perryraskin

Yes, many budgeting / personal finance apps exist. Many are good, some are better than others. Mostly, though, every other small group of people have their own needs when it comes to this type of tool. Some need it to focus on budgeting, others need it to work well with investment tracking.

I began whipping up one that has more of a focus on credit cards and racking up rewards. There's not much to show yet and I'm still learning as I go. Was hoping to get some thoughts from fellow indie hackers as I continue!

This app will sort of come from ideas I implemented in this spreadsheet -

What would you find useful in a new app like this? Any credit card rewards gurus out there that feel similar?

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    Personally I have no interest in racking up credit card rewards myself but my gut feeling is that you're onto something here. I had a friend that used to keep a big spreadsheet to maximise his "credit card hopping" and the guys at work used to think he was insane.

    A couple of years later he told me that he managed to pay off his home loan in under 10 years. I don't know the details of his financial situation but it's clear that there's a certain group of people that are into loading up on credit card cards and managing the intricate details.

    My advice for your product would be to stop calling it a "budgeting /personal finance" app and instead focus on what makes it different. Only after I read that it helps to "rack up credit card rewards" that it really piqued my interest.

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      Took your advice :) and after about two weeks, I finally have some form of an MVP. Will probably post as a milestone soon, but let me know what you think!

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        It's not bad. Here are my thoughts in order of when I thought them:

        • I like the name.
        • I had to read 3 sentences before I knew the point of the app (that's 2 too many ;)
        • Clicking "dashboard" before signing up crashes the app
        • I really want to see a screenshot or two before signing up
        • I signed up anyway to see what the dashboard looks like
        • Gah, I can't see anything without linking my account
        • I don't want to link an account. Meh, I'm over it.

        I think the first thing you should do is come up with a single sentence that captures the value of the app. Something like:

        "Track your credit card points over time".

        Or something of that nature. Once you've come up with your single sentence. Place it immediately underneath "Pointway" on the landing page and bump up the font size or whatever. The point is that it should be the very first thing people read on the landing page.

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          Thanks so much for taking a look and for the great feedback. I added a tagline, should be good for now. And yeah, I know there needs to be more of a landing page with a view into the actual product. Definitely in the plan for the immediate future. I just need some people to beta test the features that I actually implemented thus far. It would be really helpful in terms of what should be added and what should be changed.

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            Okay, that's way better. I think you've done a good job at capturing the value prop over using something else.

            At this point I would suggest posting it to the "Landing Page Feedback" group and see what people say. Also, maybe another post asking how to get your first user.

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    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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      That's actually great feedback, thank you! I would absolutely love to dumb it down, especially for an app like this :)

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        This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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          Would be hard since I've never used Canadian credit cards, etc, but I can definitely read up on it. Also befriending people like you to speak about it with :D

          But yes, likely will try to get all features for my current American market down, then in the future I'd expand. Would be super interesting to learn about the Canadian budgeting lifestyle, so I'll definitely check out that subreddit.

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