Ideas and Validation October 18, 2020

Anti Corruption App?


I have been trying to read up on literature on how people combat corruption in both government and private sectors.

I always wondered if it is possible to solve this with technology.

Transparency would solve this issue - but the problem is that most people don't know how to interpret numbers that are released in developing countries.

Do you guys have any suggestions / reading materials / ideas around this?

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    This might have some ideas for you[]=corruption

    I do think transparency does solve a lot of it, it's not that most people read it, it's reporters and investigators and groups of accounting and lawyers possibly with data analysts that know how to make usable stuff out of that, like find specific corruption points that could be targeted. IDK how much gap there is with available data that's not used to address important issues... one way is make it profitable another is make it easy and accessible :shrug:

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    Unethical tip: create an app which hardcodes a low corruption score for whoever uses it then sell it to corrupt governments to help cover up their corruption.

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    if you can track all the money movement, then corruption would go down to at 0, since you can't access all the movement, nor government, that's the reason why there is corruption

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    There are some startups tackling this through smart contracts, blockchain, supply chain transparency, compliance etc.

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    This would be a great app for the Indian market haha.

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