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Any alternative to Stripe Atlas in Romania/countries where regular Stripe is not supported?

Alex Gotoi @alexgotoi

I would need mostly for advertising sales for a job board and cashing out money from Teachable. Any idea is highly appreciated!

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    braintree is supported. Also Mollie has integration with laravel. Recently, integrated payment on several projects for RO.

    Also, I think paypal is easy to integrate.

    there is gumtree and others for one time payment.

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    I'm planning to use paypal in my app, after looking some post on IH some people say paypal not good on subscription billing model. How about now? I read on paypal doc they have good subscription API

    Does anyone use paypal for subscription billing?

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    I’m in the same boat as I’m from Argentina. An alternative I’ve found for now, although I haven’t tried it yet, is Gumroad.

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      And send me an email if you want to exchange ideas about job boards

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    Don't know if they work in Romania but they are one of the biggest in Europe -
    Also, you can check - Most probably they work in Romania, but as far as I know they are pretty slow in support.

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      Adyen is mostly for entreprise user IIRC. I'd recommend braintree as you get both card + paypal in one integration, or a MoR:s such as as they handle your vat needs.

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