April 19, 2019

Any alternatives to Google Primer?

Rodolpho Arruda @koello

Hi all,

I'm looking for a similar app to Google Primer to deliver online courses following the same UX -- swiping pages, quizes and lots of interactive elements.

Does anyone know an open source or paid alternative?

Thanks in advance,


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    Why are you looking for an alternative?

    1. 1

      Because the service I'm building has an important elearning component, but I don't want to implement and maintain a full blown LMS to deliver the "page turners" type of courses I have. Primer is all about swiping pieces of content like simple pages. From an UX perspective, it's brilliant. So I really wanted to use something that resembles it given the average profile of my users.

      That said, do you know anything? =)

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    I think you'll be looking at some custom development. There will be libraries that can do some interactions, but nothing as a whole is available i think. When it comes to technology you can use Android or react-native.

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