Landing Page Feedback April 16, 2019

Any and all feedback welcome

Sam A @Adisa

I engaged a web design agency to help with my landing page. I would really appreciate some pointers.

Do you understand what the product is? Any questions that you feel are unanswered? Any objections that need to be addressed in the copy?

I don't really have screenshots of the app (not where that would go if I wanted to add) - is that a bad thing?


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    i like the design. It explains the product well.
    You can link the header logo in to home page if that makes more UX sense or give a home button to navigate to the main home page if users wishes to.

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      Thanks for that suggestion - I take it you mean the homepage of the app, not the marketing landing page?

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        Both works. But generally, users expect to be taken to the home page when they click on the logo or the parent page if it is a subdomain.

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    I think the website tells a pretty clear story of what your app does and what it's about - I think the main issue is that friction reduces payments and installing a mobile app is a huge amount of friction, for me.

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      You're absolutely right. The app is a web app, so nothing to install (although optionally the user can save it as a PWA to their home screen / app draw). The decision to go for the PWA rather than native app was precisely because downloading another app would probably cause too much friction.

      I think I need to call that out that there's nothing to download/install.

      The idea is for the app to encourage impulse giving.

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    Check if the <a>Pricing</a> is operationnal?

    The redirection to the pricing section isn't working
    Btw the 4 before works great

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      Thanks, will get that fixed asap!

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    Design wise I think it needs a bit of polish, especially the layout, typography, CTAs, pricing section and animations. The sections with illustrations look incomparably better, feels like UI was made separately. The grey shapes seem kinda forced and out of place.

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      Appreciate the feedback. It's funny I also had a similar first impression upon seeing the design, but it kind of grew on me / i got used to it.

      Will see about redesigning the Features section with illustrations rather than the basic grey shapes.

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    Design is great and clearly explains the product.

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      Thank you, that is encouraging!

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    1. Pricing link doesn't work
    2. "Get started for free" button under "Features" not work properly, because "Gift Aid" hover effect over it.
    3. Plan highlighting effect is terrible. Trying to read something and this just goes up again and again.
    4. It is not clear for me in plans, that i can click on prices, may be you should replace it with buttons