No-Code April 7, 2020

Any bubble experts?!

Rita Roloff @rita

Hey! It's me again :)

I’m creating a site where ppl can find an aggregated summary of beauty product reviews and get a recommendation. But I’m first scraping data from other review sites.

I have one database that contains product information (product images, names, overall rating, etc.). I have another database that contains the actual reviews for each product.

When I bulk upload how do I ensure that the reviews in the database are properly connected to the product database? I know when I manually upload it automatically creates a unique review ID when I add a review and connect it to the right product id… but I am not sure how that happens with bulk upload.

Here is an image of the review database

As you can see the reviews database has a "product id" column

Here is an image of the product database

As you can see the product database has a "list of reviews" column, which contains the unique id of each review.

How do I ensure proper review and product mapping in bubble?
Here's the forum:

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    I'm no Bubble expert, but I do databases, and the structure of those tables tells me there is a product_id column in the product database.
    In Bubble, I believe you need to have a 'Product' and 'Review' data type, so that you can subsequently map the reviews.product_id to Working with lists of keys is generally a pain, at least in SQL/Python.

    when I manually upload it automatically creates a unique review ID when I add a review and connect it to the right product id

    Those IDs may be different - one in the original data you upload, and the other (you mention) being auto-generated by Bubble as a row identifier. Your review dataset likely references the former, not the latter.

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      Thanks for the comment. Bubble actually autogenerates this. So I'm not sure if when i upload the product database if I need to manually update the id so product properly links to reviews

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    Hi Rita,

    You'd probably want to run an API workflow on the products to associate the review to the product.

    You could run an API workflow on a list of product, and for each products, make a change to the product's 'review', which you could find as the result of "do a search for" reviews where you match the Product ID from the current product to the review.

    Feel free to ping with more questions.

    [email protected]

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      interesting. So running an api after bulk upload is completed? Is there no way to do this while being uploaded?

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        The outcome shouldn't be any different I believe, but technically yes, you should be able to upload a CSV and match on a reference column if you've got a unique identifier.

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          ok bubble automatically creates a unique identifier which makes it tough