Any communities for indie app founders?

Hello all,

I've been an active on IH as a consumer of content for several years now. Started my latest project about a year ago and it's going good so far, it is a consumer app where most revenue comes from the App Store.

IndieHackers' content is more interesting to SaaS founders and there are topics that I'd like to discuss but they seem out of place based on what I usually see here.

Any recommendations for a community specifically focused on solo app devs/founders?

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    Have you looked for some reddit communities that might scratch your itch a bit better? Maybe like /r/Appdev?

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      Thank you, I just joined. I was already part of several subreddits for entrepreneurs but didn't know about this one.

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    IH seems to be pretty opem in scope. What kind of thing do you want to discuss that you think you can't here?

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      Hey Rob, there is a "Mobile" group but it barely has any activity. I'm not saying IH is not the place to discuss topics that most app founders are interested in, but it doesn't seem to have critical mass and that's why I'm looking for recommendation for a more mobile-centric community.

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        I think most of the groups on here die a quick death. I think IH needs a bit of a shakeup. But sorry can't recommend anywhere for you.

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