Looking to Partner Up October 24, 2020

Any data scientists wanna experiment with Podcast API scraping & insights?

Andy Nelson @Andyjamesnelson

Hey to everyone in the community.

I’ve been working full time on Poise for a few months now. Our focus has been on creating podcasts from existing content, using real voices. https://getpoise.co.uk

The more I talk with marketing leads, the more they tell me that content creation is just part of the puzzle. They want insights, how to get their content in front of the right people, what’s trending, ways to follow up with potential customers.

I know it’s possible to pull data from Apple Podcasts & recently from Spotify. Maybe some other directories too?

I’m wondering if anyone wants to team up & see what insights we might be able to generate from the data sets? It might just be that the information makes for great blog posts. But maybe there is genuine value for marketers hidden in there. I’d bet there is :)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any development skills but I planned/product managed two fairly large analytics reporting tools for the last startup I built so I have some experience here.

If you’re interested, email me at [email protected] and we can setup a call.

I’ve met a number of people from Indie Hackers over Zoom recently & it’s been great to meet so many new interesting people.

Thanks to everyone in the community!

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    Hey Andy,
    Not a data scientist, but I'm a developer with a fair bit of API and integrations development experience. And I'm also building a product in the podcasting space. Might be cool to hash out some of our ideas.

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      Hey! Absolutely! I would love to talk and start experimenting. My email is [email protected] :)

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        Actually, I just went ahead and booked a call :) Hope that’s OK :)

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          No problem. Looking forward to it.

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    Looks cool. I am working on a Podcast discovery tool and would love to create a category with all podcasts you have created. Will send you an email

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