October 8, 2019

Any Developer looking for a Marketing genius on new ideas?

I'm a great sales guy looking for a technical partner to build some new ideas with. I currently have a few ideas in the pipeline we could discuss. Hit me up if you're a strong programmer, esp. APIs, Databases. Drop your email below and i will hit you up.

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    What's the proof that you're a great sales guy?

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      [email protected] email me direct for proof.

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    I already have a couple products and I was looking for a sales and marketing co-founder...if interested to discuss further email me [email protected]

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    I'm keen to get started on a new project. My email is [email protected]

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      Will do

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    Hi @mobitel, I've plenty of technical experience and would love to discuss ideas to build. You can find my email and Twitter handle on my profile but just in case [email protected].

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      Will do

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    Hey mate,

    I'd love to have a chat. I've got a ton of experience building API & database design.

    Email is on my profile or send me a twitter DM (also on my profile).

    Hope to chat with you soon!

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      Will do

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        No worries! Look forward to hearing from you.

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