Indie Women July 31, 2020

Any devs want to partner up?

Bailey Ritchie @baileylr

Are there any developers looking to work part-time on a project? I'm in the process of validating some ideas, and I'm open to hearing more about some of your ideas to get started on a project.

I'm currently searching for a job and am looking to fill my time up with some web development projects on the side. I have experience with building websites in JavaScript and Python stacks, and I'd love to work with another developer to grow our skills and build a cool project!

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    Hello, we are a creative web development company from Latin America and we are looking to start activities in the United States.

    We are +10 professionals in front-end, back-end, UX / UI, DevOps, etc.

    If you are interested in discussing our plans and the possible incorporation to work with US clients, please write to me: [email protected]

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    Hi Bailey! Would love to chat more! You can ping me over Discord (timuster#0356) or Telegram (@timuster).

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    Hi, do you have an idea or willing to join an existing project? I could really use a partner who can revamp my website or work on an Android app. It's for a good, "clean" cause - making free books more available.

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      Yes, I have a few ideas but also willing to join a project! How should I contact you?

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    Hi @baileylr and @KevinColemanInc , I'm on the biz and subject matter expert side. I have a niche project that I'm targeting towards a contest, as a part of my larger project, and am looking for a small team. The contest has $100K USD cash prize, and they're looking for useful things to integrate with their existing SaaS product using their API. The builder maintains ownership of the tool, and it gets added the to integration list of the SaaS company. Reach out if you want more details! info (at) verity (dot) legal . I'm in Vancouver, Canada. Cheers

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      Hey @Blake_Emigro, cool idea! I'll check it out.

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        I'm not quite sure what you mean... you'll email me?

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    I'm a dev too also looking for part-time projects, but im really trying to pair up with not other devs but people that can help drive sales or marketing for whatever idea we work on.

    You can always hire a dev for $15/hr to build out an MVP pretty quickly, but i struggle with the business side of building a start way more than trying to knock an mvp fast.

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      @KevinColemanInc Yeah I see, are there other indiehackers that specialize in marketing/growth specifically? Maybe another project idea would be some sort "side project job board"? Could potentially solve both our issues haha!

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      Hello, we are starting a business partner plan in the United States, where as a seller you can get up to 30% of the total price and we do all the web development work for the client.

      If you find it interesting, please talk!

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