May 7, 2019

Any divorced or separated IndieHackers with kids...?


I'm looking for people that have shared/joint custody of children from a previous relationship. I'm working on a product for people in this situation (as I am in this situation!) and would love to ask you a few questions about how you manage that today.

  1. Does figuring out where your children are meant to be on a given day cause you pain? Enough for you to say "YES! I HATE THIS!" rather than just "yeah, I guess..."?
  2. Do you use anything to schedule/track when your child(ren) are with which parent?
  3. (If yes to 2. ) what do you use? If no, have you ever tried using any tools, techniques or products?

If anyone is in this category of people, but doesn't want to talk about their experiences - I'd still really appreciate a "Yes, me!" if you'd like to see early versions of my product. Thanks everyone!


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    Yes, I am, but I personally don’t have any issues with knowing where they need to be for the most part. I’ll take a look though!

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      Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’ll drop you a link here when it’s accessible somewhere :-)