Landing Page Feedback May 10, 2019

Any feedback for my prelaunch landing page? Help needed

Andrej Fodor @elkynator

Hi fellow IndieHackers,

I am working on a new product which will match remote workers with companies who would like to hire remote.

To test out demand and see the interest especially from company's side I set up a prelaunch lander.

Demo link:

Goal is to get few leads which I will contact and will help me do a better job designing the product.

My doubts:
I went with a simple landing page with not much info.
have another version (with more information) and explanations below, however not sure whether this would be the way.

Does anybody has any experience on messaging in this early stage?

Thanks a lot,


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    I like the design, it looks quite professional & unique. There are a lot of remote job boards out there though so I'd like to hear/see what your unique value proposition is.

    Also, if you're looking for feedback on the idea itself I have a market research service where for $12 you can ask 100 people a question and then follow-up with interviews if you want.

    Just thought it might help. You can test the concept itself or even screenshot the landing page and see what people think!

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      Thanks for the comment. Your question is on point, I will try to reevaluate and add more info to the board.
      Your service looks interesting, I might give it a try when I will have a prelaunch release version.

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    I feel that there are tons of people who want to do remote work, so you will want to focus on remote employers.

    Also might be worth niching down to what you have experience in. So if you're a developer focus on finding employers hiring remote developers.

    Landing page needs a lot more content.

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      Thanks for feedback, much appreciated.
      This is double sided marketplace where supply (companies) define demand. I will definitely have two landing pages addressing both audience separately at one point, however for a start I wanted to put emphasis on companies as they define the market first.