Landing Page Feedback April 6, 2019

Any feedback welcome!

Che Sampat @KareemC

Do you understand the product?

  • Che


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    yes i understand and like it but here is a question:
    i live in Turkey and i want to use this product, how can i do that? i couldn't find an answer at landing page to my question.

    btw, i am confused at this part:

    Individuals and professionals collecting fees, contributions & payments online or in person using their phone.

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      Hi! It's great to hear that you like the product! At the moment we do not support business in Turkey. See the link below for the full list of countries that we support.

      'Individuals and professionals', by that part we mean any individual like a tutor or coach that needs to take payments. For example, a tutor who would need to collect class fees would be able to from their phone because our web app works really well on mobile.

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    I dont get the idea why should I use it instead of stripe or any other payment platform. Who is responsible for invoicing, taxes etc?

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      Hey there, we enable companies to start taking payments as fast and frictionless as possible. Without the need of worrying about all the things that usually come with taking online payments. Our integration is also zero code required one. In terms of tax you would be responsible.

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