Any Finance Nerds game to test an if-this-then-that style Scenario Planner?

We're putting the finishing touches on our beta release of our connect-the-dots style financial scenario and life planner. Looking to get some next gen feedback on the product (desktop only for now). The interface is very different than traditional financial planning apps (no spreadsheets or formulas). More Lucid charts meets Zapier.

We're hoping it is intuitive but we are really close to the product and would be great to get some cold feedback on what works and what we can refine.

Screengrab included. If you're game to take a crack at it and give us some in product feedback, please let me know.

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    Hey Jon,

    I'd be happy to help, this looks super useful


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      Thanks Nic!

      We are rolling out a couple of bug fixes this morning, We're contemplating a rush Product Hunt release and any advanced feedback would be awesome.

      Will send you some links later in the day. Really appreciate this.

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        Fab, looking forward to it!

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          Hey Nic - here's a loom video link with a custom walkthrough for you to check out. The tool still has some bugs and rough edges - and I still need to work up documentation - but give it a spin and let me know what works, what doesn't and any feedback on how we could refine it.


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            Hi Jon, I had a look at the loom. Thanks for such a detailed demo, it's super useful.

            The only feedback I have really is on the entry point to the application, it obviously does everything a person could need it to, but perhaps a wizard style scenario builder to get people going?

            I know it's still W.I.P by first thought was around usability.

            I'd definitely use something like this to mockup a few ideas. I can't say I often find myself in a position with 3 job offers with such varied opportunity.

            The real power in what you've got here is the "budget builder" approach though. That's definitely something I would use often as is a project I often come back to myself!

            Happy to talk more if it's useful to you?

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              Thanks Nic - with you on the onboarding challenges.

              We plan to develop a "build your first scenario" where we interactively walk someone through a generic build so that people can wrap their head around the logic. Also plan to have some pre-built templates. The wizard is on the roadmap but is a tricky one as we have to think through all of the possible if-this-then-that possibilities but we definitely want to try to figure that one out.

              Fair point on the job offers!

              Will email you but would be great to jam some more on this.

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                perfect, is there anything else you're adding to your MVP? it looks like you've got a ton of cool features in there already?

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                  Thanks Nick!

                  We are planning a bit of a rush Product Hunt release (thinking this could help some people plan for the coming challenges ahead) - so we'll actually be stripping out a few things and simplifying.

                  Key features - Bank, Income, Expense, Budget, Goal and Loan Nodes, ability to share a scenario, ability to comment on a shared scenario, notifications (maybe) and a few regional Nodes for now (Canadian Mortgage and Canadian Income Tax). Depending on the feedback, we'll roll out regional nodes for other countries ASAP.

                  Squashing some bugs and will send you a revised link.

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    I've always wanted a product like this. I'd be happy to test it out!

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      Thanks Matt - cool to know that the concept resonates with you. Still rough around the edges but will send you some links.

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    Hey there, would love to test out this product.
    Sing me up

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      Thanks Naveen - I'll put together some links and send the to you tomorrow. Really appreciate this!

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