Any freelancers here? We'll help you get paid on time, every time.

Hi all! I'm Liz, one of the co-founders of Ditto. There are 4 of us (woo-hoo!) trying to bootstrap our way to quitting our jobs to do this full-time. I'm hoping you can help us get there... and that it'll benefit you, too!

We're building an assurance platform for contractors and clients. Yes, you read that right -- assurance, not insurance.

Ditto puts guardrails in place to make sure that contractors are paid, clients are satisfied, and projects go smoothly. Our platform minimizes the risk inherent in this sort of working arrangement by:

  • collecting payment from clients up front, so payments are guaranteed to be prompt and predictable

  • holding funds in escrow while contractors are working, so clients don't have to pay unsecured deposits, and they have a chance to provide feedback if work is not completed to their satisfaction

  • providing a project portal which acts as a dynamic scope of work document - so the scope of work can be clearly outlined at the outset, but is also easy to modify while the project is ongoing - preventing undocumented scope creep

We have a functional no-code product right now, and we're moving quickly (finally!!!) toward a much more polished version of both product and marketing website. Anyone who gets in now, while it's still a little bit ugly, will be locked in to some very nice beta pricing for life.

So... the "ask" is this: please come check it out, or tell your favorite freelancer about us! This startup is a labor of love, born of my frustration with trying to collect on invoices as an independent contractor.

Many thanks for your support - I'm trying to get more active here in the community, but I'm a total introvert and it doesn't come easily. Please also feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] with any questions or feedback!

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    Hey Liz, this sounds pretty cool! I know quite a few freelancers and will try and spread the word!

    1. 1

      THANK YOU! We're at that really difficult "get it off the ground" stage, and every bit of help is very much appreciated.

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