Any good alternatives to Typeform?

Hey everyone!

Was just creating a form on typeform.com and I couldn't publish it because I had a "thank you" page which is considered a premium feature. Later on, I noticed the cheapest paid plan is 35$ a month, a bit steep imo.

Are there any good alternatives to Typeform that y'all recommend?


Post Update:
Thanks for all the tips & recommendations! I've decided to sign up to "tally.so" as suggested by @romymisra because of their simple & minimalistic design and set of extensive features.

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      @MarieMartens Really nice tool. It will help if you can capture the end-user experience (along with all exceptions) on your website. Currently, the website is focused on the form creators.

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        Hi @zephyr0! Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Will definitely look into that. We're currently also working on templates that will also better visualize the end result for the end-user.

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      Looks like a perfect alternative. Thanks for sharing!

    3. 4

      Wow, I loved the onboarding / signup experience!

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      Thanks @romymisra for mentioning Tally! If anyone has questions or suggestions, I'm here to help!

      1. 3

        Most welcome @MarieMartens, you are making a great product!

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      perfect. Thanx Romymisra🔥

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      This looks great, will check them out for sure!

      1. 2

        Nice! I'm glad it worked out.

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    Survey Sparrow? Paperform? Aida form?

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      Thanks, will check em out!

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    Check out snapform.co and its completely free.

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      Can't seem to sign up :/

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    Google forms, completely free. Jotform

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      Thanks for the tip!

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    Cognito Forms .. Pretty cool too.

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      I Will try it out as well, thanks!

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    You can delete the Thank You page. Go to the bottom on the left side to delete it.

    Google Forms and HubSpot are free.

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      Yup, did that. @romymisra suggested tally.so and it seems like a clear winner! All tally.so needs is a bit of time to roll out some updates.

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    QuestionScout is a good alternative.

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      A really great alternative, it can get pricey if you're expecting lots of responses though.

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    If you want that typeform Premium for free. Go to github student program and apply.

    You will get Typeform Premiun for 1yr free of cost 😇

    Thanks me later 😅

    1. 2

      I'm not a student 😅

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    @wilsonbright blocksurvey, privacy focused and lots of customization for $10/month.

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      Thanks for the tip!

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    Jotform is great. I have used as an alternative to typeform.

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      Yup someone else has suggested jotform as well, will test it out:)

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    Hey Daniel,

    What's your requiremenent on for the form? In case you just need to get answers, there is Google Form, simple and free to use.

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      Google forms won't cut it for this, unfortunately. Typeform offers some really nice customization options, I'll probably go with them in the end.

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      Didn't know airtable had a polling feature. Will check it out, thanks!

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    FWIW, as a 4+ year user of Typeform, I am really happy with them. They keep adding great features and are chock-full already, I can move data anywhere (currently AWS Dynamodb, S3 and Trello among others) and the technical support is fast. Worth the premium.

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    I have been using Typeform for a year. I am looking for cheaper alternatives... I will change soon, most likely to Aidaform or Jotform. However Typeform has the most integrations with other platforms, so it will depend what exactly you want to do.

    Love the fact that you can import a Typeform form in Jotform! https://www.jotform.com/typeform-alternative/faq/

    Edited: The import tool does not work, poor UX in Jotform. Will give a try to Aidaform.

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    If you're just looking for a simple form to collect some details. sheet2api can do this for free, checkout this template https://sheet2api.com/templates/pre-launch

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    Hi Daniel ,
    Try https://formlets.com
    open to give you a discount as IH if needed (you can do a lot with a free form)

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    Here is a self-hosted form builder

    it cost only $19 one time.

    Also, have many payment options inbuilt to accept payments eg. Stripe, Wepay, Blockchain

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