Any good examples of a paid social network service?

I'm currently looking into the concept of a paid social network and was wondering if you knew of any examples of a successful one?

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    MeWe.com gives you 8GB free storage but if you want to upload more than that you pay for storage. You can also buy sticker packs.

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    Why do you want to pay for social networks?

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      If a social network has a subscription, it's not relying on advertising. Meaning your data aren't harvested then sold to other companies, or even leaked into the wild. I'd pay for that :)

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        I see. Actually, I'll try to build a paid community platform. What topics do you want to discuss on SNS?

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      I would like to avoid ads both for my customers and myself.

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    Pinboard is essentially a paid, private version of the old social network delicio.us.

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