April 22, 2019

Any good examples of About Us page?

Yuriy Gerasimov @ygerasimov

I am rebuilding About Us page for my project and wondering if you can recommend some nice examples? I liked this one https://emailoctopus.com/about-us. We are a team of four right now. Maybe you have some other nice examples for inspiration?

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    check out the website selected on https://www.awwwards.com/

    and there's a collection of about pages:

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      thank you Daniel! These are so creative examples!

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    I found https://www.hopper.com/company/ to be pretty interesting, at least the gallery and clips.

    emailoctopus.com looks great if you're looking for something minimalist, while thisisgrow.com is super detailed. Depends on what kind of style you aim for.

    Shameless plug 🙈: what about mitigating development costs via https://team.cards?

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      hi Roland,

      Thank you for the link to Hopper and This is Grow. While these are really nice well thought designs I feel like they are not much related to me. Hopper is too far away and main theme is hiring. Grow is an agency.

      I liked your project team.cards, but it solves only one element -- about team section. I think I will need more elements to it. And... it is fairly easy to build for me.


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      THank you a lot. I really liked Tumblr's page

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    I like that one, even though is the about us page the first thing you see is the benefit for the customer, then a very brief but clear copy of who the team is and from there on they kept it like that. short and sweet!