Any good Indie Hacker owned Web Dev Agencies?

I've seen plenty of examples of Web Design Agencies/ Productized Services, but are there any good quality Web Developer Agencies?

I'm trying to find agencies that go beyond just design i.e. they actually build out full websites for say law firms, restaurants etc. Could use anything from Wordpress to React.

I guess design would need to be included so services like DevOnDemand are out since they need a Figma design to start.

Especially curious about those that have affiliate programs - might send clients your way ;)


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    With my team we built mvpchecklist.com. Originally we worked as an on demand dev service but we have mutated since then and expanded our range of services to include the whole development process.
    Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or at our site https://mvpchecklist.com

    We have considered an affiliate program but if you are interested let's talk


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        You are right , sorry i was just changing some stuff. give a couple of minutes and it's live again.

        Edit: It should be working right now

        if not try with this one , https://solid-nciijm40p.vercel.app/

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          Nice - do you deploy this on vercel and host it for the client or just give them the code?

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            Actually we do both , our policy is the source code is 100% yours but also we deploy it for you for free.

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    I have a small web development agency focus on full stack Ruby on Rails which is a great framework for MVP and early startups. Our website (currently being reworked) is at https://flyingwhales.io/
    We're based in Vietnam so price is pretty competitive ($3000 - $5000/month for a dev).

    Happy to connect with you. Please email me at [email protected]


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    Hello, we are a creative development team based in Latam and intending to start activities in the US through affiliate programs with marketing agencies.

    We respect a process:

    1. Wireframes and Prototypes in Figma.
    2. Frontend development in HTML, CSS (tailwind) and JavaScript.
    3. Custom Backend development.
    4. Integration via API Rest with our Headless CMS.

    As a web development company we not only create custom websites, we also create them with a focus on CRO (conversion rate optimization) and useful marketing / CRM integrations via API.

    We offer the entire Backend and Headless CMS infrastructure as a service (SaaS) to the end customer with a simple price that increases according to the traffic and accommodation used. We manage everything about AWS.

    If you are interested in knowing our development plans, we have put together some practical proposals where we include the entire process described above:

    • Startup Plan: 50 USD / MONTH (minimum 12 months subscription).
      Customized, institutional websites, for startups or companies that do not require advanced functionalities.

    • Pro Plan: 149 USD / MONTH (minimum 12 months subscription).
      Same as the previous one but with custom functionalities or advanced integrations with third-party tools via API.

    • Custom Plan: We quote for SPRINT any large-scale development.

    With our partner program, you can earn up to 30% recurring commission on the plan chosen by the end customer.

    Our company can be found at: https://gorillasite.tech (we are about to modify our entire page shortly and we will add the English language by default)


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      Nice! What CMS do you use?

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        In approximately 20 days we will finish the first version of our own Headless CMS with REST API to integrate to any frontend.

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          Why not use an existing solution like Contentful or Netlify CMS or any other?

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            Sorry, I answered wrong haha.

            The correct answer is: compared to a pure headless cms, we have a much lower learning curve and almost the same flexibility when working on the front.

            We offer our self-managed infrastructure on AWS at the same monthly price. We cover security, software updates, maintenance, hosting, and everything you need on the backend side.


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            This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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      By the way, you can write to me whenever you want to know more details about our services to my email: [email protected]

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    There are definitely those out there, but most of the are either devs for hire for larger orgs or development shops for small mobile apps or a marketing website. Those have long been saturated markets. However there is a niche about building a scalable product from the design and user experience to cloud infrastructure with the potential create a SaaS model that few focus on.

    For our company we build out full SaaS solutions using cloud providers that run and can scale. As part of this usually we pull in the right external solutions so that clients don't have to worry about "best security practices" or "best design strategies". They get those out of the box without having to be UX or security experts. That's our competitive advantage. Anyone can run an dev shop and promise to deliver, but we have internal experts in these areas that make the products our team delivers what they need to be.

    We have considered affiliate programs a little bit, but haven't spent too much time invested in what that should look like. If there is a concrete product to discuss and we consider there to be successful statement of work, would be happy to talk.

    Feel free to reach out to: [email protected]

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    @seattlehacker Hi, yes we can help you with these projects. Please email me on [email protected] to discuss further. Thank you.

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    Please email me on [email protected]. We can do all of this. Thank you.

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    UltimateWB - it is great for any type of website, and there's an affiliates program too: www.ultimatewb.com/affiliates

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    I run lightit.io - We focus on building web applications using Laravel & Vue/React.

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      Very nice. Do you have an affiliate/partnership program?

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        We do! Feel free to reach out to [email protected]. I'd love to discuss this.

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    I run https://vappsio.com

    We build out fully customised CMS, ERP, currently starting our affiliate program

    Our stack, technologies and expertise is:

    • Laravel
    • Node.js
    • Vue.js
    • React
    • Ionic
    • Electron
    • WordPress
    • SEO & Social Media Marketing
    • Server & Cloud Admin
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      wow are you actually getting clients paying you so much they need to finance? Pretty impressive I thought most web projects for small businesses at least would go max 10-30K.

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    Division77.com is me.

    Although I despise the term “agency”. I call myself a development partner or a dev team for hire.

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      cool site - don't see any pricing info though.

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        Most web dev services won't, or should I say "can't" show prices because literally every client is different and want's something bespoke.

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          That's the traditional mindset and I think a lot of productized services are now changing that. You can give rough estimates without committing. For me personally it is a big turn off.

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            Fair enough, I can see your point of view.

            However on my side of the fence it's a huge turnoff when a client is so heavily focussed on establishing a price (even if only ballpark) before they're willing to discuss what the job is.

            Swings and roundabouts.

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              That's fair too. But I am not a client and I think I didn't make that clear enough in the post. I'm looking to send clients to dev agencies so need to know my cost and cut.

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                If we're talking about web "sites" for businesses that need to display info such as you said, lawyers, restaurants etc probs between £1000 and £2000.

                If you're looking for more of a web "app"; something with user accounts for example and more interactivity then it would be more.

                I take care of all the domain and email setup for the client as well. and I'm also trialling a subscription model where it's a smaller upfront fee and then £100 a month to keep the site up, hosted and maintained.

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    I'll let our site talk thenetly.com

    Right now, we're in the process of moving things to this and this for a different goal with different teams. Maybe you'll see changes in these two as you refresh, work's in process.

    Let me know if they talk to you.

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    Our company Echobind started out like that; our 2 founders were freelancers, and had a third partner. The work became too big to handle alone, so they started hiring people. Now we're 20ish people.

    We are actually engineering-heavy, and pulled on design later in our company's history. I've known a lot of developers that started out in that order as well.

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    As an IndieHacker, I'm working on an iOS pregnancy app, but have recently also started my own web design agency after I decided I need to scale from being a freelancer. I need to hire someone who kicks ass at illustrations, but other parts - design in Figma, development in Webflow - are covered.

    I've thought about the affiliate program while working as a freelancer, and should definitely revisit that now.

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      Nice setup but I don't see any pricing info. Even if its estimates would be helpful.

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        Hey ,you can see the pricing on the bottom of the individual service pages:
        Design, Webflow

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    A good chunk of my revenue comes from my consulting web / dev / marketing agency www.webascender.com and www.boast.io is our successful company side hustle.

    Today Web Ascender is more of a digital marketing agency that writes copy, designs/develops websites, manages ads etc. to support getting clients more leads and sales. These services are usually bundled into something for like $X,XXX/mo on a 1 year contract.

    Most people are not a fit for our web programming / mobile development services. We typically don't look at anything under 150k in work nowadays. That rules out a lot of solo startups or individuals interested in an MVP. Most of our development is for established businesses looking to create internal products or extend things they have via mobile apps to their customers. These are usually setup for $XX,XXX/mo for Y months based on a scope of work / wireframe that is created for a fixed initial fee.

    We use WordPress for our marketing websites and Hubspot for CRM/marketing automation. We use Ruby on Rails for most of our web application development. Used to use Appcelerator Titanium for a lot of mobile now it's mostly Ionic with React.

    Don't have an affiliate program and are not really looking for more custom coding work, but if you have any questions about this industry or space I'm happy to answer them or provide any insight that I can.

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      Why not integrate everything into HubSpot? I thought they had a website builder as well?

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        They do, but when we started using Hubspot a long time ago the CRM was free, the marketing tool was about $500/mo and to use their web builder you were looking at $1500/mo+ in fees to Hubspot.

        Plus, I really hate to say "we can't do that" or "that's impossible"
        When using a proprietary tool we can't make the markup exactly like we want and we couldn't add an e-commerce store and make it work how we wanted, or a membership area with forum... just too limited by what their platform provided and we were already well versed in WordPress.

        So we continue to build marketing websites in WordPress and usually use Hubspot for CRM/marketing automation but occasionally will use Hubspot CRM, and integrate with Mailchimp for light marketing automation or use Active Campaign, or Convert Kit. Gives us a little more flexibility depending on needs and budget.

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    Cautious to reply to this one since you said "good" haha, but I own one with my cofounder. We build apps for web and mobile. We mostly work with local companies but completely open in that regard, and don't need mockups although that would be nice; as long as they have an idea of what they need. [link]

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      Have confidence! :D
      Nice setup and I appreciate the upfront pricing estimates.

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    I have something like that but for mobile apps. I call it a product development agency :)
    We also do web apps, but I sounds like you’re talking about websites? Or I’m reading it wrong

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      How are you distinguishing between web apps and websites?

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        A website is anything from a static landing page to a blog or an ecommerce website. A web app is essentially an app that runs in the browser. There are cases where the line between the two is blurred, but a distinct representative of the two would be:

        website - your company's informational website

        web app - gmail, youtube, etc.

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          That makes sense. I was talking about websites then.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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