Any good landing page generating websites?

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping to start validating an idea by posting to couple of Facebook groups and online forums to see if I can get some emails of people that may be interested. Are there any websites that allow for quick landing page creation?

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    Landen.co for me, saves me crazy amounts of time

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      That's the one I prefer too. Now it's called Umso

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    I used Webflow. Lot of cloneable website and hosted in webflow itself.

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      Webflow rocks. I started out on Squarespace w/ a landing page, then moved to a full website on Squarespace, and eventually moved everything to Webflow. It's all drag-and-drop no-code website tools that give you the power of a custom-built website.

      Webflow has a pretty steep learning curve and is probably more than you'll need for just a landing page, but it will scale with you. Here's a good support doc with a template if you're interested: https://webflow.com/blog/how-to-build-a-landing-page-design-system

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        thanks for sharing the link, yeah webflow rocks.

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    Carrd.co is probably the easiest and consumer-friendliest.

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    Thanks for your recommendation @jschiarizzi @felix12777 @willembutler!

    We have just updated our product name today! If you haven't checked it out yet https://www.umso.com/

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      Haha, I was wondering why the sources for my Mailchimp signups mysteriously changed from Landen to usmo. Nice name!

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      How to pronounce :o

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        haha good question! it is pretty much similar to I'm-so! :P

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    I think generator is not the same as builder. Hence I would recommend Lenden and Unicorn Platform

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    https://unicornplatform.com/ - Personally I don't have use it but read a lot of positive reviews about them on IH platform

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    https://www.landen.co/ is great! They provide blogging tools and goo analytics as well. Definitely worth paying.

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    I personally use https://www.launchaco.com/ after watching some talk where a guy built a landing page for an idea in 5 mins using it. Good for when you want to throw something up quickly.

    They got acquired by Namecheap and there seems to be some issues with the payment so you can't get their premium right now. So I just download the page and rehost on AWS =/

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    I have used carrd.co and it has worked extremely well for my needs.

    It's probably one of the best resources out there if you want to produce something beautiful with a single page.

    The interface works smoothly so you'll progress quickly, and the templates you can choose from are well designed and vary.

    Here is my landing page created with Carrd 👉 routergram.com

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    If you want to keep it super simple and you don't need to explain a whole lot on the page, there are some page templates with email signup provided with ConvertKit.

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    Hot take here, but would scrap the basic landing pages and try clickfunnels. Not a fan of websites anymore unless they can PUSH a conversion.

    Ultimately you want to drive revenue.

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    Hello @helloimnestor 👋

    I worked with my partner Hamza last months on Frontendor UI Library. It is not a landing page generator BUT you can create any landing page by COPY-PASTE then deplyed to netlify in a few of minutes

    👉 Visit: http://frontendor.com/

    PS: Click " How it works " to see a quick tutorial.

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    Incase, if you are looking for a quick landing page with videos: https://www.hippovideo.io

    To know more: https://www.hippovideo.io/sales-landing-page-with-video.html

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    https://gohugo.io/ is alright if you're into Tech

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    just used carrd.co to build libro.so — think it turned out pretty well, and overall building with carrd is a pretty great experience.

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    carrd is a really good tool @helloimnestor. You might wanna check that out.

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    I'm looking for something in React, that I can fork.

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    you couldn't go wrong with cruip for the website templates, mailchimp for email. You can host it for free on netlify, githubpages, vercel....

    I think mailchimp has a all round solution for your use case......look into it.

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    As you're a developer https://versoly.com/ might be perfect for you :)

    We built it so if you know coding you don't need to even learn the tool. But can also be used as a no code tool.

    If you do well you can also use it to publish blogs, publish multiple pages and create custom pages using code so you never have to export from the platform (we had someone use Vuejs inside Versoly)

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    carrd.co is easy enough and affordable. I used that with converkit for my landing page.

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      Hey @gauger2020, thanks for the recommendation.

      I'm curious. What problem were you trying to solve when you used this?

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        Sorry for the late reply. I wanted something simple, elegant and relatively customizable.

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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