Any good public documentation tools?

Anyone have experience working with public documentation tools?

I'm writing out some docs for my dev tool and just need something clean and simple. No bells and whistles.

Haven't found any good options out there

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    What was lacking in the options you found?

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    I'm building something if you are still looking for a solution. https://mylodocs.com. Takes markdown files hosted in github and creates a beautiful documentation site.

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    Pretty big fan of gitbook. It's for books but can used for for docs or changelogs just the same

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    VuePress is a nice option the lets you write Markdown and then kicks out a static site: https://vuepress.vuejs.org/

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    RAML is fantastic for REST API documentation. Basically it's, higher level and less repetitive than Swagger.

    For programs, I like inline docs that includes doctests (forcing them to stay in sync with the code). For something extensive, try Gitbook.

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    Depends on what kind of documentation. I use react styleguidist for frontend components, docsify for general documentation. Both very clean, simple and straightforward, if they fit your project. For APIs I would use some other specialized API documentation tool.

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