No-Code November 8, 2019

Any good resources or recommendations for no-code newbs?


Currently I develop my apps in Javascript and React, but I'd like to learn more about no-code. Are there any good resources, tutorials, examples, lessons learned that fello IHs can point me towards to get started? Thanks!

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    just @bentossell at makerpad init 😅, you can probably find lots of related things in this feed too:

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      yup I agree :)

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      Thanks! I’ll check them out.

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    @cuhpajo is a great follow on Twitter for nocode. He's very responsive to questions and is doing lots of interesting stuff.

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      Thanks Kalen!

      @neoevo if you need any help let me know! Feel free to check out V2 as well (it's live!) with a full Learn area with free lessons/courses and many more being added! Plus the largest collection of tools, products built, and templates.

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    Thanks for all the tips and resources everyone. It seems like the common use case for no-code is for creating apps via drag/drop UIs and then connecting them to a spreadsheet database for CRUDing custom objects.

    I haven't investigated much further, but what about integrating existing APIs or libraries for fetching/manipulating data?

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      Some of these tools are really impressive with APIs.

      Couple examples...

      I used Thunkable (native apps) to make an app ( that pulls weather data from a custom API I made in 2014 (it's not a well-formed API either).

      I also made a web app version using Bubble (webs apps), using the same API.

      Then there are no-code tools that let you edit the code... for my No Code List site (, I use Ghost Pro (hosted publishing platform) and pull in a custom PHP-based API hosted on my own servers.

      In all of those cases, I'm parsing and manipulating the results. That's really the part that impresses me... pulling apart JSON, doing calculations, forming strings, etc.

      There are also some no-code tools that are not great with third-party APIs... like Webflow, last I checked, can't take in anything custom (but has some integrations built-in). They make up for it in other ways, though!

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        Interesting, I’ll have to try this out! Being able to work with APIs and having the ability to write custom code is a must for me to even want to consider a no/low code solution. I’m guessing it’s probably the same for a lot of IHs out there who already write code.

        Ideally, I would want to create most/all of the UI with visual tools and be able to write custom interfaces and logic for the data and UX. Spreadsheet apps are cool, but I would need them to be flexible enough to allow custom logic and data retrieval/storage/manipulation at some point.

        Kind of similar to developing games in Unity, or visual studio back in the day. I think that combination would be pretty powerful for no-code and code developers alike.

        Thanks @truedrew !

  4. 1 is awesome. Check out by Gaby to get up to speed quickly. You can pretty much build anything in bubble alone. Hope this helps. Also checkout Adalo for mobile.

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    Bubble has a robust forum if you are comfortable with the basics, otherwise check out this page for a series of resources built by folks currently building on Bubble:

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      Erik - any chance we can get Nucode on that resources list?

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        on it!