May 1, 2019

Any Indie hackers in Austin, TX?

Greg Kopyltsov @Ender201

I’m a big indie hackers fan, and always have at least one project I’m trying to get off the ground. Would love to have a local community of similarly minded people to share & work with. Any of y’all living in Austin?

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    Another one here! Got to Austin last September and am currently just workin' on Applight and a bunch of other random things (left the full-time job a couple months ago to take a little break haha). I'd love to grab a coffee with some people doing the same stuff!

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    I am, moved here for a job ~3 years ago, originally from Tampa, FL. Incidentally, I spoke to Dave about a gig at Proof a while back while I was still on FT on a project I rolled the dice on :)

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      Oh wow, small world! Looks like a few fellas are planning an indie hacker meetup in May, we should grab a coffee sometime though - would love to hear what you’ve been up to.

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    Indie hacker from Dallas here. Looking to move to Austin if any of my projects take off and I happen to land a little funding.