April 17, 2019

Any Indie Hackers interested in functional programming?


The first time I tried to learn Haskell I came away from the experience hating it. Over a couple years I'd dip back in and look over the material again, until one day it just started to click.

I think there would be value in a screencast series hosted by someone who wasn't initial sold on the functional programming ideology at first. What do you think?

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    I am into Clojure. I used to buy course videos from https://purelyfunctional.tv when I was starting out. Lambda Island also has good content for Clojure.

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    I have been curious about Haskell for a while, but everything is so dense, and focussed on "look at all this cools maths you can do"

    I learnt Elixir a couple of years ago and found it immensely more approachable, and caused me to really love the concept of functional programming.

    If what you have in mind is targeted towards actually building some code that does something I'd be interested.

    (The PragProg Phoenix book was good for helping me get up to speed too)

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    I'm into scala. When I was starting out, I did watch a lot of videos on it (and paid for a couple courses on udemy), so I think video lectures could be useful, just know that there are already a lot of them out there.

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    I think it'd be a good idea. There's need for more Haskell content in video format breaking down complex concepts.

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