LinkedIn October 13, 2020

Any Indie Hackers on LinkedIn? Let's connect!

Richard Awoyemi @RichAwo

I'm not the biggest LinkedIn fan, but it's useful. If anyone's on LinkedIn, would love to connect!

My profile is here:

Also, feel free to drop your profile in the comments so other IndieHackers can find you!

P.S. If there's enough, it may make sense to create a group? (If one doesn't already exist)

Also, follow the Indie Hackers page (thanks @rosiesherry):

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    Cool here is mine

    Check out Pravin M Singh (Jerry)’s profile on LinkedIn

    I will send request to all of you 😗 lets connect

  2. 2

    Same - connect w/ me -
    I don't post sob stories, I promise =)

  3. 2

    Connecting with all of you who have commented.

  4. 2

    Here's mine, I'm from TO, building Kaffae - a reading extension:)

  5. 2

    Also happy to connect with fellow indie hackers :

  6. 2

    Good idea!

    Happy to connect with our fellow Indie Hackers :)

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    co-founder of - artistic, animated ecard site (B2C & B2B)
    happy to connect with founders, growth hackers, content creators, marketers, sales

  8. 1文華-850520141/

    Plz add me everyone !
    LinkedIn is awesome if you are building an industry newsletter like me.

    1. 1

      Invite sent 👍🏾

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    Here you go! Hi I'm Arnab, A SaaS Content Marketer. Find me on Linkedin

  10. 1

    Here is mine:

    Happy to connect with any indie hackers 😊

  11. 1
    Connect with me :) I do all sorts of crazy posts

  12. 1

    Great idea: - I help people in tech build a highly effective personal brand

  13. 1

    Happy to connect.. Here is mine

    Sent connect request to all btw

  14. 1

    Glad to connect:

    Also, here is an active LinkedIn community on growth marketing for those of you interested:

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    Here’s my LinkedIn. I post about mindset and software development on there.

  16. 1

    My LinkedIn network desperately needs more indie hackers in it!

  17. 1

    Awesome idea! Can't believe I wasn't already following Indie Hackers on Linkedin...

  18. 1 - Connect there and also follow me here. Thanks! :D

  19. 1

    Looking forward to connecting with you 😉

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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