May 23, 2019

Any indie hackers run a successful Kickstarter?


Had breakfast with 2 friends this morning. Their kickstarter just funded yesterday in 2 hours.

I was talking marketing, with them, giving them some ideas and places they could share their learning. I introduced them to Indie hackers as a supportive knowledgeable community, and that got me thinking, have any Indie hackers run Kickstarters?

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      Yes indeed, funded in 3 hours! =>

      Huge blog post with precise numbers here (even exact post-campaign numers, quite rare): in french but google translate will help.

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    Imho, Kickstarter style doesn't fit the projects for Indie Hackers. Indie Hackers always start small and their first goal is to build profitable products. Kickstarter let people start in public as a team.