April 11, 2019

Any Indie Women want to get together?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Any indie women want to hook up, somehow? I'm trying to gauge interest.

I'd personally love to support more women in indie type businesses.

#ask-ih #indiewomen

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    Would a virtual cocktails work better during the week or the weekend? Bring your own cocktails, or whatever you want to drink. Using something like zoom?

    Timings may be tricky, I'm UK based so would struggle to do it in the evening US time.

    @Harlem @NorthxNorthcutt @mariepoulin @cherylz @Apps_R @Madamdo @onlnteacha @sunshowerlisa @mjr82building @lliBlum @Omams @Ajoy

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      Zoom is great. I think they put a time limit on the group free account. I work in the evenings on weekdays, but I’ll try to make the time you all agree to.

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      Why don't we start a Doodle poll?

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      Hi Rosie, I am CEST and I can do either weekends (more options) or mronings from 7AM to 10AM. Maybe some days somewhere between 4PM and 6PM.
      Thanks for organizing.

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      Zoom sounds great. Weekdays from 10am-4pm and 9pm-11pm New York time work best for me. :-)

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      I'm good with it being during the day Colorado time, just depends on the day! For most that probably means weekends would be best, though

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    I'm always down for a get together. Especially if they involve virtual cocktails!

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      virtual cocktails, the best kind

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    Hi Rosie,
    I would be interested in connecting.

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    I'm EST (Atlanta, GA) but can mostly do anytime on the weekends and on some Fridays. If it's too early I'll just have a coffee! If it's late in the evening I guess I'm doing shots with y'all ;). The only thing that might be trickier is next Friday, I'm doing some Easter stuff with family. But I can make anything else work.

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    Count me in (In Malaga, Spain timezone)

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    I'm based in London, UK too - so perhaps evening US on the weekend would work? Yes, Zoom is great!

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    Virtual cocktails! - I didn't know that was a thing, but that's me in!

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    Remotely for sure!

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    Pick me, pick me! I support the virtual cocktail or mocktail idea. 😂

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    Would love that. I'm in SF. Where are you?

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    Yes please! Where are you ladies located, or thinking a remote meetup?

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      Hi from Shenzhen & Hong Kong :)

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    Yes, this sounds great!

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