April 25, 2019

Any "No Code" Projects Here?


Is there anyone working in a "No Code" project/product? If yes what is your project and what platform are you using?

Seems that "No Code tools" are becoming an interesting and viable option nowadays...

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    Yep, mine is at the moment: https://glecture.com/

    Currently using a WordPress theme, and running a marketplace via email to test out an idea.

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      @Speedy - Interesting concept with glecture. Btw, did you indeed mean "Frequency Asked Questions" or is it a typo on your home page. :)

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    Clearly I'm cheating a bit but nocode.tech was built without tech. For anyone who hasn't seen it, its a directory with 100s of NoCode tools, as well as a launched-last-week community and lots of Articles on NoCode.

    Would be great for all of you to add your projects to our builds section! (nocode.tech/builds)

    P.S - I need to fix images showing up on the builds section, will sort that today !

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      @Nilef Thanks, that website is very useful :)

      How you build the community forum? Was also with no code?

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        Yep - Its built on Webflow, with the CMS powering posts, comments and threads. AirTable is used for the user database and then Zapier is used to wire it all together. I did implement some code for cookie checking etc but Im planning to release this as a SaaS so that others can fully build something like this without using the code I needed to use. I'm going to do an article on this soon

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          @Nilef thats really cool, I should check Webflow seems like a good tool.

          Do you think is also possible to make user accounts with a similar setup (Webflow, Airtable and Zapier)? I notice you are not using user accounts for the community.

          I wonder if is possible to make something more complex like IndieHackers with that setup.

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            I do use user accounts - Check it out here: nocode.tech/signup

            It's mostly possible but I did need a little bit of code to manage cookies - Im working on a SaaS tool so that others can replicate my auth system

            IndieHackers was the inspiration :)

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    Yes! I have an online registration system (think EventBrite but in a specific niche) which is completely built using Bubble.is and has been running strong for a couple years now
    Love how no-code makes it extremely simple to add and edit features, but it has some limiting factors from a business perspective. Such as it's trickier to hire dev help without a traditional tech stack, and since it is built on a proprietary platform there is less appeal for another company to acquire us

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      @topshelf thats actually really cool, I wanted to check some no-code platforms myself to test some ideas. But for now Blubble its not really easy to use for me, seems that there is a learning curve there...

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        There is definitely learning curve but if you are dedicated to the idea and willing to learn than it shouldn't take too long at least create a very basic first version. Unfortunately any platform or language that provides a lot of flexibility and features is going to have a learning curve. Businesses and/or apps aren't built in a day :)

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          True, I will try to play with Bubble a little more, thanks for the feedback @topshelf

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    My project CommSponsor started as a no code prototype built on Coda. We used that to validate the idea and are now building a more fully fleshed out platform with code.

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      @TeaGuns It's amazing you build something like that on Coda.... I tried Coda myself, seems fun but I guess its not really made to build platforms...

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    I have nothing now. But I have tried to build with sharetribe and wordpress.

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      @shyamady What happened to that project?

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        I have already closed. I cannot get enough user numbers then.