Developers January 24, 2020

Any of you guys doing the YC SUS this year?

Landon Roddenberry @LandonR

I currently going through the YC startup school and was wondering if anyone else was also?

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    Yes. Signed up with

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      Heck yeah man, I’ll be on the lookout for you!

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    Yep I'm in as well.
    Although it was like pulling teeth to get the problem out of one of the people on the call (but at least they weren't at a drive thru!)

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      Hahah nice

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    Yes! Was a part of SUS 19 with Signed up again this year with

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      Awesome! 🤙

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    Yes i'm in :)

    Had a great call yesterday.

    I'm also part of a Discord with 800+ members from SUS

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      Awesome man, I’m glad to hear that!

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    Yep im in!

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    I'm doing it with TinyDevCRM!

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    Yes, I'm in with

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    Yeah I am in with

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      Heck yeah brother!

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    Yup, 3rd times the charm. Last year, the course helped me to realize the market I enjoy helping the most. Using this time to work on Jovial.

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      Heck yeah! Good for you!

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    I'm in with

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    I did it in the fall and found the accountability and honest feedback from other hackers very helpful.

    PLUS. there are a bunch of companies that offer credits to use their products... for example $3k for AWS!

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      Yeah, I’m defiantly gonna take advantage of that!

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    I just signed up thanks to this post! What is everyone looking to get out of it?

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      Heck yeah man, I’m glad to hear that! This is my first time doing it.
      I’m hoping that I can get a focused, initial user base in one location. And then learn how to tailor my software to their needs. I’m doing the school for , btw.

      What are you working on?

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    Yes. My group call wasn’t great. Only one person showed up and he was in a drive thru the whole time lol. Couldn’t really relate to his startup either since his was a retail shop in a mall. The lectures are great and so are the discounts.

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      Sweet, sorry to hear about the drive through dude lol 😂

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    I’m also doing it!

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    I’m in! :)

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    Yes, we're in!

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    Yes, I am doing it :)

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    I'm in as well with

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    I was in, but turns out their course isn't very accessible to screen readers. Videos simply didn't get picked up by the screen reader, tourlbe registering for tha account to read the transcripts, the form for weekly company updates had various form fields (the clickable options) that screen reader didn't like, etc.

    Ended up e-mailing them, and told them to unsubscribe me. Oh well, such is life...

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      Dang man. I’m sorry to hear that:/

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    Yes I did it for the first time last year with and this year with obviously I have yet to find an idea I want to stick with haha

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      Aye! Don’t feel bad, I’m trying several ideas at once too 🤙 never know which will work!

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    I'm in. Joined the call yesterday with nobody there. Then we got merged (?) to another one. But only saw that until after. Hope this will filter out over time...

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      Yeah, I hope so..