Growth August 8, 2020

Any one looking for complete custom dashboard builds with analytics, ML, etc?

Joe Schnetzler @schnetzlerjoe

Hey! As some may know, I provide freelance work building customized dashboards and machine learning applications using Shiny and Dash by Plotly.

I host and handle with all updates and tweaks as well as package updates month to month. After months of constant work, I am beginning to take on some more projects.

I typically charge $99 to $299 a month for build, hosting and constant maintenance/as many updates as needed. If any one is interested just let me know!

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    Can I see some examples of your work?
    I would be interested on a dashboard for my clients to manage their proxies subscriptions, etc.

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      Awesome! I built both the front end and back end (and designed, I am not a designer) for,, and My more advanced Dashboard builds on both Dash by Plotly and Shiny are mostly on NDAs but here are a couple of projects I am currently working on (or was working on/ stalled).

      1. - This was a simple app where I took a client's Quickbooks data and plotted it for easy analysis and applied the prophet forecast framework from Facebook for projections. This link is a static version with random data, just FYI (for client data sensitivity reasons).

      2. - this is a company sales tool I built for a client that allows them to input search terms and by utilizing various APIs and scrapers I auto-populate URLs which then auto-populates emails. It's nothing pretty but HIGHLY functional. The end product on the custom server has a send email button as well that sends an email out to all the found emails!

      3. - This is a filtering app for insurance purposes for a client. Didn't get design requests so less design-savvy but very useful. Saved them a boatload of time with filtering instead of using excel!

      I can code in R, Julia and Python (my specialties), as well as know and can, code when needed Node and Javascript. What are you looking for? Would love to chat!

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    Hey Joe,

    I'm quite curious to know what you typically use for data storage & aggregation? Are you downloading and creating JSON files for dats storage? Or are you creating a custom database each time?

    I'd also love to know what the most common data sources are and what the average number of data sources a small or medium business has.

    Thanks, your dashboards look awesome.

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      Depends! I either use cloud databases, local storage, or complete use of APIs. Depends on o the project scope.

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        At least that confirms there is no solution you are aware of that easily creates a data lake.

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